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Before you start creating your website: The Importance of Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

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Before you start creating your website:  The Importance of Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

Every website in the world has at least one common purpose… to be seen.  The idea brings me back to the old parable turned children’s Sunday School song.  No one lights a candle only to hide it under a bushel, NO, you want to let it shine.  If the 3 keys to a brick and mortar business are Location, Location, Location, the same is not much different in the World Wide Web, only the location that is important is your sites location in the search engine rankings. Anyone creating a website will naturally try to make it as easy and clear for a human being to read and navigate through...

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Learn How To Create Your Own Successful Web Design Business

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If you want to become a successful web designer and work for a big corporation, this post is not for you.  If you want to run your own successful web design business or be a freelance web designer, then read on! As I said in my first post, knowing how to create a pretty website doesn’t mean that you know how to support yourself designing websites on your own.  Making your own website or one for a friend is very different than running a business.  I am not trying to talk you out of this crazy idea you have, I happen to think that it can be very rewarding and you could find yourself...

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What This Site Is All About

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In short, it is all about web design.  There are, however, over 370 MILLION sites about “How To Design Websites.”  Yes, I counted them all (with a little help from Google).  So why another website for web designers?  It isn’t because I think there should be 370,000,001 websites.  It is because I think there is a hole in the Internet.  There are thousands of great sites with tutorials and lessons on Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, JavaScript — you name it, the information is out there for learning about specific languages and tools.  That is one of the things...

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